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Riderflex: A Beacon of Excellence in Denver's Staffing Arena

In a city as vibrant and competitive as Denver, standing out in the staffing industry requires more than just connecting candidates with companies. It demands a deep understanding of the local job market, a commitment to excellence, and a personalized approach to each recruitment challenge. Riderflex has excelled in these areas, earning its spot among the 10 Best Staffing Agencies in Denver, CO, for 2024. But what exactly sets Riderflex apart?

Unparalleled Industry Insight

Riderflex's team of seasoned professionals brings a wealth of experience and industry-specific knowledge to the table. This expertise allows them to not only match skills and job requirements but also to...

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Riderflex has proven itself as a versatile and dynamic partner in building diverse workforces across numerous industries.

With over 2000 successful placements, our expertise spans a wide range of roles, from Account Executives to Vice Presidents of Sales, showcasing our ability to fill positions at all levels of an organization.

Whether it's specialized positions like Robot Production Technicians and Cyber Security Engineers or executive roles such as Chief Financial Officers and Directors of Marketing, Riderflex's comprehensive recruitment approach ensures we meet the unique needs of each client, reinforcing our commitment to excellence and client satisfaction.

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Riderflex: Your Versatile Partner in Recruiting and Beyond

In the evolving world of business, finding the right partner for your recruiting and consulting needs can be like searching for a needle in a haystack. That's where Riderflex comes into play, offering a suite of services that go beyond the traditional boundaries of a recruiting firm.

Tailored Recruiting Solutions That Fit Like a Glove

At Riderflex, the focus isn't just on filling positions; it's about understanding the unique culture and needs of your business. We offer a variety of recruiting models, each designed to align with different business structures and environments. This means you're getting individuals who resonate with your company's ethos and contribute to its growth....

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The Riderflex team is excited to announce that we successfully placed Michael Speirs as the new President & EOS Integrator working with MPS Security & Protection, National Business Investigations, A.L.I.V.E Active Shooter Survival Training, and Workplace Violence Prevention Training.

Mike has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, Management & Human Resources from the California Polytechnic University, Pomona. Over the course of the past 23 years, Mike has worked his way through Corporate Leadership at the Los Angeles Times, he has owned and operated multiple successful small businesses in the Construction Industry and has spent the last 11 years working in a...


Riderflex Recruiting & Sourcing is excited to announce our partnership with GreenSpark Finance.

GreenSpark Finance is a technology-enabled financial service partner specifically for modern Direct-to-Consumer CPG brands. We offer the full range of financial, accounting, operations and capital advisory (capital raising, m&a, restructuring, etc.) services for our clients. We believe that only 'insiders' of a brand can uncover and generate maximum value for the brand. This core belief is why we view ourselves as partners for our clients where we embed our battle-tested services around processes unique to each brand. We specialize in solving cash needs, unlocking growth capacity, and restructuring & turnarounds specifically for Direct-to-Consumer...

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Riderflex Recruiting & Sourcing is excited to announce our partnership with TDA Research.

TDA addresses real world problems that don’t have obvious solutions. Their diverse team of scientists and engineers thrive on the unique challenges each of our one-of-a-kind projects present. They are structured to stay quick and nimble.

At TDA they pride themselves on persistence and maintaining long term relationships. TDA has been in business since 1987 and has a multi-disciplinary staff of 115 with annual revenue of more than $25 million.

With a research staff larger than some fortune 500 R&D departments, they have a highly capable team to perform rigorous scientific research. Their...


Riderflex Recruiting & Sourcing is excited to announce our partnership with Carbon Chemistry.

Carbon Chemistry is based in CO and was founded in 2017. Their industry is a growing space where new brands, techniques, and trends are invented every day. As product development evolves and consumer interests shift, one concept has been ever present: consistency and quality define success.

In almost a decade of experience they have maintained high standards as a reliable source for adsorbents and filtration supplies. They solve that problem by selecting the most trusted materials for production, purification, and distillation, then share them with you.

About Riderflex

Riderflex is a...


Riderflex Recruiting & Sourcing is excited to announce our partnership with Ternium.

Ternium is a leading company in the Americas that manufactures and processes a wide range of steel products using the most advanced technology. With 18 production centers in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, United States, Guatemala and Mexico, they manufacture high-complexity steel products that supply the main industries and markets in the region.

Their vision is to be the leading steel company in America, committed to the development of its clients, at the forefront of industrial parameters and outstanding for the excellence of its human resources.

They have an efficient, fully-integrated production system. Their facilities feature the whole manufacturing...

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Riderflex Recruiting & Sourcing is excited to announce our partnership with CBH Homes.

31 years ago, CBH started building the dream, one home at a time. They didn’t set out to become the #1 home builder in Idaho or #36 in the nation, but when people like what you do, they generally tell other people and that’s worked out pretty good for them and everybody else too.

They are 23,000 homeowners STRONG and counting.

About Riderflex

Riderflex is a...

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Riderflex Recruiting & Sourcing is excited to announce our partnership with Watts.

Watts Lights started with a couple of guys who were tired of climbing 30 feet in the air, twice a year to put up and take down Christmas Lights.

What started as just a simple chat with friends over an online get together during Covid quickly became a realization that their unique skill sets and experience would be perfectly suited for this industry.

At Watts, the vision isn’t just to install lights and help people light up their homes for security, individuality, accenting architecture and landscaping nor lighting up to be festive during holidays.

Their vision reaches far beyond that, with an idea to help make people’s lives easier using advanced...