Not all executive recruiters are made equal.

Finding candidates to fill C-level positions isn’t easy, and working with an executive recruiter can help to streamline the process and ensure that you end up with the right candidates to choose from. However, the kind of candidates you end up with is directly related to the recruiter you hire, and it’s important to realize that they’re not all made equal.

The executives you hire play such a huge role in so many different parts of your organization. There’s a lot on the line, and the last thing you want is to have to go through the whole process again because you hired the wrong person. But, finding the right candidate means finding the right executive recruiter.

Hiring a CEO, CIO, CTO, or CFO isn’t...


Don’t let a common recruiting mistake prevent you from hiring the right executive.

Any position is going to be difficult and expensive to fill in today's job market. And, unfortunately, it’s all too easy to make common mistakes throughout the process that can undermine your efforts.

10 Common Recruiting Mistakes:

Mistake #1. Failing to create an adequate job description.

It’s imperative that you find the right candidate for the job. In order to do that, you first have to be able to adequately describe what you’re looking for. That’s where your job description comes in.

The job description should include everything from the day to day of the position to the qualifications and experience you’re looking for.


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Do you struggle with calming your nerves during an interview?

Many times during an interview, nerves cause people to make mistakes in their answers, not answer clearly, or forget to say something important. Being nervous also causes people to change their body language, fidget, or even sweat. These tips from top executive recruiting firm, Riderflex, are meant to help minimize these effects and help you get through the interview comfortably.

Prepare. Interview preparation includes studying the job, studying the company, creating questions for the interview, and any other step needed to be fully in the know about what you are interviewing for. This step reduces...




Move From Being Interviewed to Being Hired by Creating an Emotional Connection

How often have you considered establishing an emotional connection with the people you are meeting right from the start of the interview process?

Your resume and application have listed out the skills and experience of who you are. Your copy and presentation of skills have done their role, you have an interview. How do you stand above the competitive candidates that are also going for this role?

The reality is, they’re going to choose you for the role most likely based on whether or not they like you. I mean what if there’s five guys or girls in the interview and you all have the same qualifications? Well, who’s going to get picked? Well, I can tell you, the one that they, quote, like. And...


Move fast - Make decisions quickly. Get offers into candidate hands as soon as you can. If you don’t hire them now, your competition will.

Don’t be messy and scare the candidate -Be sure you don’t scare the candidate off with a messy interview process. Don’t miss meetings, cancel interviews at the last minute, etc.

Have an efficient interview process –Don’t create hurdles and barriers by having a long, complicated interview process. Meeting 20 people, taking 5 tests and coming back to the building three times will cause you to miss out on talented candidates. Create a more streamlined process for all involved.

Don’t make hiring decisions by committee – Stop waiting for everyone on the team to love the...