At Riderflex, we’re proud to be the best staffing agency in all of Denver. We have the experience and expertise to help businesses of all sizes and in all industries find the right candidates for even the most difficult-to-fill positions. We’re not your average employment agency. We offer technical, managerial, and C-level recruitment services, as well as a wide range of candidate services and consulting services. However, you don’t have to take our word for it! Check out our reviews to learn what our clients are saying about working with our team, and don’t hesitate to contact us when you’re ready to enjoy the benefits of our recruitment know-how in your business.

At Riderflex, we’re proud to be the best staffing agency in all of Denver. We have the experience and expertise to help businesses of all sizes and in all industries find the right candidates for even the most difficult-to-fill positions. We’re not your average employment agency. We offer technical, managerial, and C-level recruitment services, as well as a wide range of candidate services and consulting services. However, you don’t have to take our word for it! Check out our reviews to learn what our clients are saying about working with our team, and don’t hesitate to contact us when you’re ready to enjoy the benefits of our recruitment know-how in your business.

Quality Work

Sheldon Lotspeich, CEO

I couldn’t speak more highly of my experience with Riderflex. We were very well taken care of throughout the process and I have no doubt that we never would have found the quality hire we ended up going with. Becky Tiley specifically was our primary point of contact and I would be happy to work with her on a future placement!

Value Proposition is Second to None

Chris Staller, CEO

I have been working with RiderFlex for over 3 years, with 2 different companies and just source (3) FT positions. The team is excellent - very efficient and the value proposition is 2nd to none. Having their team do all of the pre-screening, initial phone and video interviews, etc. makes it so quick. They have always been able to accurately source the right candidates and they do it quickly. Scott, Holly, Marcy and Chasity were a pleasure to work with. We will definitely continue to utilize their service."

Engaging Partnership

Pat Schneider, CPO

I truly appreciate the engaging partnership and professional experience. The Team and Riderflex cares a great deal and it shows.

Trusted and Reliable

Reggie Jonaitis, CEO

We hired Riderflex as our recruiting firm to recruit for a few key positions that we were needing to fill. We worked with Tatiana as our recruiter and she was the best that we could have hoped for. She was patient, persistent and never cut corners just to fill a position; she gave honest feedback about all candidates and I found that working with her was extremely easy. The most important factor for me was that she was able to earn our trust - I trusted her input, her advice and it always worked out in the end. The competitive job market made it difficult to fill the position in a timely manner, but Tatiana stayed the course, worked weekends, long evening hours, went over and above to ensure we found the right person. It took some time, but she did it. This was our second time using Riderflex and Tatiana and when we came back for the second position, we asked for Tatiana to be our recruiter again. We will do that again in the future.

Amazing and Fast!

Michael Julian, President and CEO

This company is amazing. I've never retained a recruiter before and was a little apprehensive because of the cost but they delivered, and fast! I got a rock star president to run my company who knows more about business than I do and is great to work with. And the cost compared to the reward is nothing! Becky, Kory and Steve were awesome and I'll be using them again for a salesperson position. Thanks guys!

No Brainer

JB Kellogg, Co-Founder & Co-CEO

We’ve been working with Riderflex for a while now to find top talent. Mainly for our software team but they also help in other areas as needed. They have been great to work with. They do all the work to find and vet top talent that fits our culture. Highly recommended. The savings in time alone is worth it. When you get great people on top of that it’s a no brainer.

Exceptional Job

Gerard Nalezny, Chairman/CEO

Carmen Pauna and Riderflex did an exceptional job for us in an important Job Search. She was responsive and professional. Our situation was time sensitive and she worked evenings, weekends, and over the Thanksgiving Holiday to successfully conclude our search.

Outstanding Job

Hilary Frei, President

Riderflex did an outstanding job placing two roles within my company. They found excellent candidates and were a pleasure to work with. I would hire them again in a heartbeat.


Robert Hoban, Founder & President

I cannot say enough positive things about Riderflex. Steve and Team are remarkable professionals. And I have used their services for my law firm, my consulting firm, and in conjunction with various client needs as well. Using Riderflex eliminates the burden associated with employee recruitment. And the candidates presented are always thoroughly evaluated and well-qualified. Save time, save money, utilize Riderflex.

Good Judgement

Ray Gallo, Senior Partner

Steve Urban and Riderflex made our hiring process infinitely smoother than it’s ever been through hard work, good interpersonal skills, and good judgment.

Saved time and amazing candidates!

Edgar Pigott, Director Of Manufacturing

I was very satisfied with the quality of candidates that Riderflex presented for interviews. Each and every candidate was viable for the position they were applying. The amount of my time that was saved was tremendous

Prompt and Friendly

Suzi Latona, Director of Operations

Working with Holly and the Riderflex team was a great experience. Holly was prompt, friendly, and terrific at identifying our need, and subsequently, our candidate. I received comments from those I interviewed about their positive experience with Holly as well!

Excellent Company

Erin Devany, COO

Riderflex is an excellent company to work with! Our law firm has used them for a few years to assist with our recruiting needs. They are pleasant and professional to work with and make my job as Chief Operating Officer considerably more efficient. They do a great job of learning company culture, and finding candidates that will be the right fit at your company. Their whole team is great to work with and they stay in communication every step of the way. Highly recommend using them for your recruiting needs!

Excellent Experience

Steven Cook, Deputy Commissioner

I had an excellent experience with Kelley and Steve. Riderflex was supportive and engaging throughout the entire interview process. Kelley and Steve’s energy is a breath of fresh air.

True Professionals

Marques Ivey, Managing Partner

The Riderflex team is awesome! I want to shoutout Heidi, Steve, and Kelsey for being excellent at what they do. I cannot recommend and commend them enough. They are true professionals and do their job with honesty and integrity!

Amazing Experience

Ingrid Henderson, CEO

I had such an amazing experience with Riderflex. Kelley was professional and so helpful throughout the process. She found me the perfect job, and I am so happy with the experience overall. I highly recommend Riderflex!

Very Impressed

Linda Lee, Managing Partner

Heidi has been amazing to work with! She really has a special gift of connecting the right candidate with the right job. I am very impressed with the level of professionalism and communication. Steve is awesome! Highly recommend listening to his podcasts!

The Best Recruiters

Cindy Keizman, President

I had the pleasure of dealing with Colleen and Steve as a candidate for executive role they were looking to fill with a client. Their process was thorough, their questions were pointed, and I found their professionalism, candor, and prompt and informative updates most refreshing. Riderflex certainly is among the best recruiters with whom I’ve worked.

Super Pleased

Nanci Kerr, CEO

The Riderflex team is top notch. They found my tech start-up firm multiple solid CTO candidates. More importantly, they understood our culture and found the ideal fit. I’m super pleased with the results.


Maria Malavenda, Co-Founder

Every aspect of working with Steve and his team has been wonderful. I have worked with top executive search firms in the past and I have never experienced such a thorough engagement process. The team is thorough from the opportunity overview to the full supporting documentation. You will be provided details about the position in a way that helps you envision whether or not it’s a true fit, plus you’ll have at your fingertips an understanding of every aspect of the people, the organization, and the product. You typically don’t gather this level of detailed information they provide until you’ve actually been in the position for weeks. More importantly, I enjoyed each and every interaction with Steve and his team.

Excellent Team

Jo Stone, President

An excellent team! Throughout my professional career, I’ve worked with many recruiting organizations. Working with the Riderflex team has been a pleasure. With a few recent openings, we were having trouble locating and hiring the right match; cultural as well as skill set. Riderflex was able to quickly assess the need and bring the right folks to the table. The thoroughness of their process is second to none. I would highly recommend this group of dedicated professionals.

Best I Have Worked With

Tom Regan, President

Riderflex has placed key 4 professional level jobs at Mindful/TR and they have not missed once. All 4 of these professional placements are killing it for us. The Riderflex pre-screen process saved our company at least 40 hours of work AND produced incredible candidates. This has allowed our management team to focus on the the business while Riderflex focuses on getting us incredible people to help us move the business forward, Videotaped interviews, Executive mindset screening of candidates and selecting of a short list has proven to be exactly what we needed. Without Riderflex, we would still be searching for the best people.The folks at Riderflex are the best I have ever worked with for Professional level hiring.

Great Experience

Christina Naman, HR Manager

Great experience every time! Riderflex allowed us to skip the time-consuming screening process so we could jump right in with, well-matched, final candidates. We now have a handful of new superstars thanks to Steve and the Riderflex team!

The Very Best

Charles Feldmann, Managing Partner

Riderflex is the only recruiting company my international law firm uses. They are simply the very best at what they do. Integrity, passion and producing results are their hallmarks. I can not recommend them enough.

Went Above & Beyond

Stephen Adele, CEO

After running several companies, and hiring hundreds of people, working with Riderflex during our my venture at QuickBox, was unparalleled. Riderflex is in a league of their own for recruitment and job placement. They were extremely professional and provided clear direction and updates all the way through their process. They helped us find the very best, most qualified candidates and went above and beyond what we expected. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough to anyone looking to work with a terrific company.

Very Pleased

Mindaugas Maciulis, COO

My team and I have engaged Riderflex to help us identify and hire multiple people for management and non-management roles. The Riderflex team was focused to meet our timeline and has done an awesome job prequalifying the best candidates for us, which made our process much more streamlined. We were very pleased with the quality of candidates and Riderflex team’s sense of urgency and professionalism. I would highly recommend them for any company looking to partner with a recruiting firm.

Terrific Hires

Bob Donegan, CEO

Hired Riderflex to fill two senior positions. Resulted in two terrific hires. I researched them and had a hard time believing the reviews. I made reference calls. Reviews and the organization is for real! Highly recommend!

Very Receptive

Brad Lindeberg, Owner

We engaged Riderflex to find us high quality candidates and they did exactly that. Very receptive, communicative, and reasonably quick in helping us find the right candidates and fill our vacant position. Highly recommended to save time in an employment search, in addition to finding great candidates.

Delivered Results

Patrick Sanders, CEO

As the CEO of a rapidly growing company I have continuous needs to recruit top tier talent. I’ve been working with Riderflex for six months on a wide range of strategic positions and they have knocked it out of the park. Colleen has been an incredible resource. She is professional and responsive, and most importantly she has delivered results.

Top Notch

Scott Fullmer, President

My experience with Riderflex was top notch! Steve Urban initially reached out to me about an opportunity and I worked directly with him over the course of several months. Steve always kept me updated on next steps, was transparent and insightful, and provided good coaching. Ultimately, I got the job and felt the process was the best I had ever been involved in (despite the recruiting timing was in the heart of the COVID pandemic!). I will use Steve and Riderflex in my new role as President.

Consummate Professional

John Burns, VP of Sales

I have worked with executive recruiters throughout my career and most recently with Riderflex. I found Steve Urban to be the consummate professional in my recent landing to a new company. Steve was responsive, insightful and spent the time with me to prepare for what was needed and important. I would highly recommend Riderflex for all your search needs.

Highly Recommended

David Raymes, COO

I’ve worked with lots of professional recruitment companies over my 30 year career; have to say working with Riderflex has been the best & most pleasurable experience. Professional, delivers what they say and great communicators. They searched for a Sr Exec and did a great job winnowing down the candidates to a few top quality ones. Highly recommended.

True Professionals

Kelly Morris, Director of HR

Steve U. and team at Riderflex are fantastic. Very professional, knowledgeable and complete throughout the process. The personal approach and friendly demeanor makes it very easy to partner with this team. True professionals. They are the good guys.

Makes Hiring Easy

Jennifer Kealy, Director of Operations

Riderflex makes hiring easy. They have found candidates that not only fit our needs for the position we are trying to fill, but also ensure that they will culturally fit into our team. We exclusively use Riderflex for all of our hiring needs.

Fantastic Job

Tom Pardikes, CEO

The Riderflex crew did a fantastic job of bringing us highly qualified candidates. They did such a good job, we ended up keeping two of the candidates they presented us with.

Incredible Job

Del Jolly, Co-Founder

Riderflex has done an incredible job for US! Our non-profit is in an incredibly unique category and finding a professional in the psychedelic space that requires the professionalism of working with groups such as Johns Hopkins is a a needle in a haystack. I honestly wasn’t holding my breath but Steve and Sabrina sent multiple candidates and they were all so incredible, we ended up hiring two! Their vetting process seems second to none, and we are beyond happy with their process. Thank you Riderflex team.

Enjoyable and Productive

Shaun Moore, CEO

The team at Riderflex made our recruiting process much more enjoyable and productive. We are extremely pleased with their ability to source and secure exceptional talent.

Great Experience

Cliff Levin, CEO

Great experience working with Steve and Scott. They relieved a major burden from our organization by getting us pre-screened, pre-interviewed candidates. The video services allowed us to get a flavor for each candidate before we committed additional executive team time to interviews. Our fee arrangement guaranteed that we would get the talent that we wanted. Thanks guys. Your team was a great help to our team.