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Riderflex To Support Watts Lights

Riderflex Recruiting & Sourcing is excited to announce our partnership with Watts.

Watts Lights started with a couple of guys who were tired of climbing 30 feet in the air, twice a year to put up and take down Christmas Lights.

What started as just a simple chat with friends over an online get together during Covid quickly became a realization that their unique skill sets and experience would be perfectly suited for this industry.

At Watts, the vision isn’t just to install lights and help people light up their homes for security, individuality, accenting architecture and landscaping nor lighting up to be festive during holidays.

Their vision reaches far beyond that, with an idea to help make people’s lives easier using advanced smart technologies while the world around us gets busier and crazier every day.

Their goal is to launch several products, at affordable prices, that go beyond the big tech brands who are more interested in collecting our data than they are improving our lives.

The technology is readily available. It is abundant. What is missing is a company to help tie it all together in an easy to understand and convenient way.

Their goal at Watts is to do just that. Follow them on our journey with their first product that is revolutionizing the Smart LED Home Exterior Lighting market.

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