Doing Research Before Your Interview

Preparing for your interview beforehand can help give you the edge you need to land the job.

Preparing ahead of time for your interview by doing some homework is a great way to stand out during the interview process.

The first thing to do is to make sure you’ve thoroughly read and understood the job description. If employers pick up on the fact that you didn’t read it thoroughly, they often eliminate you right away. Next, you should look up the person you will be interviewing with ahead of time. This will help you understand the person’s background and maybe even discover some common interests.

It’s easy for employers to tell whether or not you’ve done your research on them or their company before your interview. If you conduct your research beforehand, it’s impressive and shows that you’re thorough and want to know who you’re talking to ahead of time. Recruiters can tell when you’ve done your research, and it will go a long way during the hiring process. Knowing the job description, company recruiting firm, and/or persons you are interviewing with will give you a better chance of being pushed through to the next round.

For example, I recently interviewed a C-level candidate. During our interview, I noticed that he hadn’t really done any research about the company despite me sending him information before our interview. This told me that this candidate wasn’t really interested in the position. There was no excitement or passion for the company he was interviewing for.

So, please do some homework ahead of time. We will be able to see that when we talk to you, and it will give you a much better chance of being pushed through to the next round.

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