Trusted and Reliable

Reggie Jonaitis, CEO

We hired Riderflex as our recruiting firm to recruit for a few key positions that we were needing to fill. We worked with Tatiana as our recruiter and she was the best that we could have hoped for. She was patient, persistent and never cut corners just to fill a position; she gave honest feedback about all candidates and I found that working with her was extremely easy. The most important factor for me was that she was able to earn our trust - I trusted her input, her advice and it always worked out in the end. The competitive job market made it difficult to fill the position in a timely manner, but Tatiana stayed the course, worked weekends, long evening hours, went over and above to ensure we found the right person. It took some time, but she did it. This was our second time using Riderflex and Tatiana and when we came back for the second position, we asked for Tatiana to be our recruiter again. We will do that again in the future.