Offering effective outplacement consulting services to existing leaders and employees helps to foster a healthy brand and mitigate risk. Companies that offer these services report increases in productivity, engagement, and loyalty among remaining employees. Discover how Riderflex can help you manage workforce transitions with solutions designed for all levels in the organization.

We offer the following outplacement consulting services:


Assist in transitioning employees


Manage culture and engagement of current employees during transition


Support leaders during a transition


Mitigating risk of negative reputation for the organization and brand

Through Riderflex, your company can contract with the ideal HR executive for a small fraction of that amount to assist with outplacement services.

Unfortunately, companies don’t always remain strong. Your company may need to make some hard decisions. This doesn’t need to leave a bad taste in the mouths of your current and transitioning employees. We can support your transitioning employees by offering a range of outplacement services, including resume, LinkedIn, and job search assistance. Our marketing executive will assist with reputation management while our HR executive will assist with maintaining a positive company culture.

Career Transition Solutions

Riderflex can offer tangible benefits of implementing career transition solutions that impact the wider company, including:

  1. Culture and Productivity Protection
  2. Preventing post-layoff exits that can cost organizations
  3. Employer Brand Reputation Management

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