Riderflex Supporting Valyant AI With Recruiting Services

Riderflex is excited to kick off a new recruiting relationship with the team at Valyant AI. The team will work with the leadership group at Valyant to identify and recruit some of the best talent in the artificial intelligence industry. The AI and ML sectors of technology grew an average of 50% in 2020. The recruiters from Riderflex will work directly with the leaders at Valyant to successfully fill roles for their team where needed.

About Valyant AI

We have built the world’s first customer service AI designed for existing retail hardware, in order to break down barriers between humans and computers through natural communication. Our mission is to speed up customer ordering, reduce overhead and increase profitability.

For three years Valyant AI has been working to develop the world’s best conversational AI platform for the Quick Serve Restaurant (QSR) industry. Our team is based in Denver, Colorado and we’re a passionate group of technologists excited to bring industry- leading savings, such as increased up-sells, reduced wait times and operational efficiencies to QSRs.

Increased competition has made it harder than ever to find and retain the best talent for your business. With conversational AI the drudgery of taking 400 customer orders over the course of a shift is reduced. This leaves your team free to focus on payment processing, order accuracy and customer engagement.

Valyant AI’s platform automates the customer ordering process and drives greater efficiencies within your business. This includes reduced customer wait times, happier employees, decreased management headaches, increased order sizes and reduced fraud. Don’t miss out on the next major trend in QSR’s.

See Rob Carpenter, Valyant CEO, talk about their technology and the life as an entrepreneur on the Riderflex Podcast.