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Kim Urban

Senior VP of Operations & Talent Acquisition | Colorado

Kim has had a successful career in the retail industry, spending the last 15 years working her way up from cashier to Assistant Store Manager (ASM). She has a natural talent for connecting with others and building authentic relationships, which has helped her to excel in her role as an ASM. She particularly enjoyed the hiring process and was known for using creative strategies to find top-notch candidates. Additionally, Kim spent two years in operations before transitioning to the sales floor, where she enjoyed teaching and inspiring the coordinators and associates she oversaw. She is well-versed in recruiting tools like software, social media, agencies, and employee referrals. She has a solid understanding of store operations, inventory management, and customer service. She is also knowledgeable in the use of analytics and data to improve store performance and drive sales. She is also skilled in visual merchandising and creating a visually appealing store environment.

When she is not working, Kim loves spending time outdoors with her husband, Steve, and their dog, Rider. She is also a proud grandma to two granddaughters and enjoys cooking and trying new recipes. LinkedIn