Information Technology

Whether your business is an internet startup or a brick-and-mortar retailer, your business and its technology are inextricably linked. The ever-changing technology landscape and the dynamic needs of your company create a misalignment between your goals and the technology you are using to attain those goals. Riderflex’s strategic IT consulting services can help you get your technology train back on track.

We offer the following Information Technology consulting solutions:

  • Strategic Technology Assessment and Planning
  • Technology Organizational Assessment and Realignment
  • Business Process Optimization
  • Cost Reduction Strategies
  • Software System Selection

Riderflex IT consultants can help streamline your IT needs and save your company time and money.

We combine decades of experience in business and leadership with strong competency in technology and operations to uncover the drivers that are key to making your business succeed. We focus on value creation by improving areas of technology that have become misaligned from the business’ goals. We work with our client’s executive team to develop a plan for technology acquisition, implementation, and support, along the way, identifying necessary improvements in IT organization and staffing. The result is a more streamlined and focused organization and technology platform that improves business performance.


Technology Assessment

Our team performs an on-site technology assessment and delivers a report on recommended changes for optimizing existing technology or replacing technologies with better alternatives.


Strategic Planning

We offer a more in-depth look at both the technology and the IT team, which includes a thoughtful assessment of how they align with the company’s business goals and recommendations for bringing them back into alignment. This typically results in a three- or five-year plan with multiple stages to attain true alignment and transformation.


Interim CIO Services

For clients that find themselves without technology leadership, we can provide interim technology leadership while also assisting with the recruitment of a permanent replacement.


Software System Selection

For clients that need a new ERP, Financial System, CRM, or another large-scale, business-aligned software system, but who lack the experience in selecting such a tool, we can help identify an appropriate solution and plan its implementation.

Let us show you how we can assist with your IT consulting needs.