Human Resources

Riderflex offers executive human resource (HR) consulting services, program development, and human resource safety compliance. Our team can supplement existing talent or step in as a dedicated HR executive part-time.

We offer the following human resource consulting solutions:

  • Benefit and Training Program Development
  • Compliance Management
  • Employee Engagement Enhancement
  • HRIS/ATS/Payroll System Implementation
  • Onboarding/Offboarding Program Development
  • Performance Management Solutions
  • Policy/Forms/Handbook Development
  • Talent Acquisition Strategy Development

Through Riderflex, your company can contract with a dedicated HR executive to work part-time as your head of HR.

HR has evolved, becoming a strategic business center that plays a role in increasing employee engagement and performance. Navigating the jungle of employment law and compliance can be tricky. One wrong step can cost a company more than $100,000. Whether your HR department is stretched thin or non-existent, Riderflex can provide HR consulting services to help you create processes designed to save time and money.


Dedicated HR Expertise

Our consultative approach supports new talent acquisition, compliance, and employee engagement strategies that fit the way you want to run your business. Let us help you increase participation.


Human Resource Support

We will work with you to craft your internal HR policies, give full remote HR support on coaching or guidance, advise on compliant onboarding and termination, or provide you with general human resource support. Consider us to be an extension of your team.


Objective Advice

We offer objective and professional advice, can facilitate transparency and resolve conflict, and enable a thriving workplace. Whether we redevelop your HR approach or build your HR department, our final results will increase employee engagement within your organization.

Why use Riderflex for your HR consulting needs?

CEOs of small companies with limited resources are learning they can out-market larger competitors by using a Riderflex interim HR consultant to build and run their HR departments.

Gallup found that only 34 percent of employees are engaged at work and over 16 percent of employees are actively disengaged. An actively disengaged employee, on average, costs an organization $3,400 for every $10,000 of salary, or 34 percent. That means an actively disengaged employee who makes $60,000 a year costs their company $20,400 a year. Through compliance, advanced HR technology, and program development, we can reduce this cost.

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