Copywriting for Recruiters

Riderflex has teamed up with a premier organization that provides top-of-the-line courses on how to write effective job ads. Job ads that stand out because they’re more interesting to read. And job ads that are more likely to get noticed by the right people – even those passive and hard-to-find candidates.


Why write better job ads?

Writing better job ads will help you stand out from the rest, attract more applications from your target candidates (including the hard-to-find ones), and maybe even filter out a few time-wasters.


What's included?

You’ll discover the theory behind writing effective job ads and practice a tried-and-tested formula that you can implement for all your future adverts, emails, InMails, and even candidate conversations.


Who is the training for?

The training is specially designed for recruiters, including sole traders, agencies, and in-house. It's also helpful for HR professionals and hiring managers, and suits all levels of experience.

Why use Riderflex for your HR consulting needs?

Our partner has a proven track record, let them help you showcase your jobs while showing your personal brand. Contact us to learn more today!

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