Why Culture Fit Matters

What is company culture?

Culture is essentially an organization’s personality. It’s made up of the beliefs and values of an organization’s founders that are passed down to employees. Culture touches every aspect of an organization, from the way that management and staff interact, to the goals and expectations that are set.

Just as we all have our own unique personalities, each organization has its own culture. Not every recruiter in Colorado will honor that culture, but there are many reasons why it’s important to get culture fit right.

5 Reasons to Consider Culture Fit

#1. It promotes employee engagement.

When your employees are a good culture fit for your organization, they’re happier and much more engaged. Employees that share the values and beliefs of an organization are more likely to be committed to the organization and its goals.

#2. It makes for a more cohesive team.

There are many aspects of company culture, including work ethic, goals, and values. When your employees have those things in common, it creates a more cohesive team and environment. People who share the same values and have common goals tend to work better together to reach them, and also tend to get along better.

#3. It leads to greater job satisfaction.

Have you ever worked for an organization with a goal or a mission that you don’t care about? It’s a little demoralizing, to say the least, and it makes it difficult to come in each day and give it your all. But, the opposite is true when you truly care about the work you’re doing. Job satisfaction is incredibly important, and hiring people who fit in with your culture will help to increase it.

#4. It increases productivity.

If an employee is unsatisfied with the culture of a company and its values, they might be able to meet the minimum requirements to get the job done, but they have no real incentive to ever go above and beyond the call of duty. But, an employee who truly believes in the mission and is passionate about reaching it will do whatever it takes. The better your employees fit the culture of your company, the more productive they’ll be.

#5. It reduces employee turnover.

Hiring for open positions isn’t easy, which is why working with an executive recruiting firm, like Riderflex, is such an important part of the process. Unfortunately, though, if you hire someone who isn’t a good culture fit for your organization, they’re not likely to stick around long. Finding qualified professionals isn’t cheap, and the last thing that you want is to have to go through the process all over again because you chose the wrong one for your culture.

Let us help you find the right fit for your company culture.

Riderflex is not your average recruitment firm in Colorado, and our cultural analysis is one of the biggest things that set us apart. We are dedicated to not only helping you find someone who has the technical skills and experience you’re looking for, but also someone who will share the values, goals, and personality of your organization.

Let our top executive recruiters help you find the right candidate for your culture and your needs. Get started today!