What is Your Digital Legacy Going to be?

e live in a world where everyone uploads photos, videos and share content to the internet. Anyone can have their own YouTube channel or post anything they want on the internet.

Information used to get lost through generations.

Have you ever looked back at an old photo of a distant grandparent or relative and realized that you know nothing about them? It is an example of how quickly information is lost through generations and time. 100 years ago our distant generations didn’t have access to technology and therefore nothing was tracked like it is today.

Now the world tracks and documents everything on the internet without second thought.

It is important to be mindful and ensure that you are creating the legacy you want to be remembered by. When you upload photos and videos to the internet, always ask the following questions:

  • What kind of legacy is this going to leave behind?
  • Is looking back at this going to be something to be proud of?
  • What legacy are you leaving for your future generations?

In the world of digital profiles and communication legacies are much easier to establish. What will your digital legacy be, think about it.

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