The Fancy Degree Doesn’t Mean You’re Hired

A fancy Ivy League degree or PhD does not mean that someone is entitled to get the job they want. As a recruiting firm, Riderflex speaks with different employers very often. Employers frequently tell us that they do not care about where someone went to school or how fancy their degree is.

Unfortunately, an MBA from Stanford does not automatically mean someone is going to be selected for a job.

To be clear, college and getting an education is not at all a waste. Just don’t assume that having a fancy degree makes someone the most qualified for the job. It is important to follow all the other important steps that are needed to get a job as well. People work hard for their degree/s but the hard work does not end there. Network, do internships, and build relationships with people to keep a strong profile. The days of walking into an office and getting a job simply because of the degree are long gone.

Stop being arrogant just because of a degree.

Be humble, polite, and passionate while interviewing for jobs and this will give a person a much better chance to shine.

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