Remote Work, Now Do You Believe?

Riderflex has known for years that working remotely is a great option. In fact, Riderflex has been 100 percent remote from the beginning. Just think about it; why are businesses making people get in cars, drive down the highway, enduring a miserable commute, and polluting the globe, just to go into a giant building and open their laptop at a desk?

Commuting wastes so much of a person’s day.

On top of that the commute takes away time that people could be spending with their family or doing things that make them happy. The daily commute is something that has to be repeated 5 days a week. As a result, this loss of time causes irritation because it impacts a person’s quality of life.

We need to stop wasting peoples time.

To be fair, there are some frustrating factors that can interfere with being productive while working from home. An example would be, bad internet connection. It is essential that someone has a great internet connection and good cell phone reception at home. Other frustrations could involve not having enough space to work in, or not having a quiet spot without background distractions. In that case, the person does not necessarily need to work from home. It is important to remember that some people need in person interaction in their life as well. However, it’s being shown that more opportunities for remote work are possible. It varies on the person and their situation.

There are so many tools and resources for remote teams.

All of these resources help teams to stay connected and be more productive while working from home now. Making someone drive to work just to sit on a computer does not make sense anymore.

A lot of the world has been challenged with switching teams to work remotely within the past year. Now that people have been working remotely for a couple of months employers are thinking about how much more productive employees are with their work. Each company set up and “how they work” is being evaluated to see how well that fits well with remote work.

For a large majority of people, remote work has become very convenient and they are not going to want to go back to full time office work. Once a person’s quality of life improves, they are not going to want to revert to old ways. That could be a big benefit to companies on for their bottom line.

Riderflex has known remote work was the future for a very long time now, have you come to terms with the future yet?

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