Out of Practice for Job Interviewing

When you get to a certain point in your longstanding career or have been out of the job market for a while you become out of practice with job interviewing. Even if you have been the interviewer, you will be out of practice answering questions about yourself. You need to practice and prepare yourself for entering the job hunt again, it can be with mock interviews, or just practice answering questions out loud to yourself – maybe even recording yourself to play back your presentation.

An example of why this is important.

When restaurants started opening again after they were closed for a while for dine-in services, the staff was out of touch with how to complete their job. Orders were messed up, refills were not made in a timely manner, and many other different examples. It was just a simple issue of the staff was out of practice and not in sync with each other.

This ties directly to candidates in the job interview process after being in the work force for a while.

When you are out of practice from something for (even) a few months, it will show when you are starting to do it again. This goes for working, playing a sport, and JOB INTERVIEWING! A significant portion of the worst interviews’ recruiters come by are higher level candidates. This is unfortunate because generally someone that high up in their career has some awesome accomplishments that could be shared! Make sure you come to the interview prepared.

Do not let a lack of practice hurt you in a job interview.

Anyone who is considered ‘great’ like athletes, executives, story tellers, etc. are great at something because they have spent a lot of time practicing their skill.

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