Late To The Video Interview

Job Candidates, when you are scheduled for a video interview with an employer or recruiter, we have one tip.

Do not be late.

This seems like an obvious tip, why would anyone be late for an interview? It is important to be on time to any interview. In a perfect world, no candidates would ever be late for a job interview, but it happens. Even with C-Level executives.

If you happen to be late because life happens, APOLOGIZE!

Right when you log on, start with an apology. Acknowledge to the interviewer that you are aware of the tardiness and do not try to act like it did not happen. Start your interview off with some accountability and help get the interviewer back on the right foot!

How can being late to a video interview be avoided?

The most common reasons for someone being late to a video interview are:

  • Technical Issues with the computer
  • Internet not connecting
  • Issues with the interview software

There are so many different reasons, but the key steps to take to avoid these issues, are prepare beforehand! Get your computer set up, ensure your internet connection is secure and working, and be sitting at your computer ready a few minutes early.

Preparation before hand is sure to set you up for success and timeliness.

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