Key Tips for Employment Negotiation

Top executive recruiting firm, Riderflex is very familiar with new hire contract and employment negotiations. In fact, seeing them crash is something that is also very common. Two topics that need to be focused on during this negotiation period are timing and tone.


There are certain big details that are discussed early in the interview process such as location of the job, benefits and job title. When it comes to the little details such as if your cell phone is covered, do you get a paid gym membership, what airline you get to fly on. Etc., that is where the timing starts to matter.

When should you ask for the little details?

Once the written contract is in your hand. That indicates that everyone thinks you are good fit and wants you to work at the company. This way it keeps the complicated parts of negotiation conversation from happening too soon.


When you bring up these new requests for negotiation you want to be mindful of your tone. Dont be too demanding and say things that make you sound entitled arrogant. The small item requests are often simple, nice to have perks, and are not worth demanding from your employer.

If these small requests are not well thought out and carefully asked, there is a high potential to anger an employer. That could lead to an offer being withdrawn. Even worse if the offer is not withdrawn, it might bring a bad energy to you on your first week of work. Acting like royalty is not the quickest way to get a new team to like you.

Do you have any other valuable thoughts that could help someone in the employment negotiation process?

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