Interviewing Tips: How LinkedIn Can Give You an Advantage

How LinkedIn Can Give You an Advantage

Today, I would like to emphasize how crucial your LinkedIn profile can be. Make sure your profile is updated and has a great photo of yourself. An updated profile has your career timeline, accomplishments, and scope of responsibility up to date. You can think of LinkedIn as your resume available to the public.

We had an experience at Riderflex where it was our job to present a CEO candidate to a company. This candidate checked the boxes when it came to his personality, skillset, and fit for the company. However, before looking at the portfolio we had sent him, the hiring manager saw the poor quality LinkedIn page and was already hesitant about the candidate before even meeting him. This goes to show how important your profile can be; it doesn’t matter how qualified you are for a job, it will be tough to impress anyone with a low-quality presentation of yourself on LinkedIn.

It is crucial to keep an updated LinkedIn profile as the first thing hiring managers or CEOs do when researching candidates is to look up their profile. This is their first impression of you, and you want it to be a good one. This will be one less hurdle for you to jump during the interview process.

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