How to Answer, “Why Work Here?” in an Interview

The interview question “why do you want to work here?” is a question that many may struggle to answer in an interview as it is not something they had thought about.

Many times, it is a question that is answered by simply tying a skill set back to a fit of the job description. That is something that the interviewer is already aware of if they are talking to you. This is the time to express your passion and reason for applying to that particular job.

Think beyond generic detail.

Why do you want to work for a particular brand? What is it about that industry? Why that team? There are many different answers that are better suited to that question than the plain textbook answer. Find the emotion in your why!

Prepare for this question.

When preparing for an interview think hard about how to convince the interviewer that you are truly passionate about that company and team. It could be a specific leader that is ideal to work with, their company culture, or even the specific product. There are so many different details that can be pulled together to answer this question. Make sure to prepare a well thought out, purposeful and organized response.

What is the emotional tie in?

When preparing for an interview always think back to that emotional tie for answering questions. Doing that one simple thing will prepare you with a much better chance to land a new job as it shows you have purpose and meaning.

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