Highlighting Others in the Interview

Job Candidates, when getting ready for an interview it is easy to remember to prepare how to talk about your own accomplishments, highlights and why you are the best person for the job. These positive attributes seem like mentionable no brainers to talk about. What is one important detail aspect that you might be forgetting?

To compliment, highlight and mention others!

All the people that have helped you deliver accomplishments and reach goals should be mentioned. After all, would the accomplishments have been made without those people? Most accomplishments are not just about one individual or obtained by one person.

This is especially important to remember when in a leadership role. Leadership Roles are often most successful when you have an accomplished team supporting you.

How can this be done?

Imagine you are watching the VP of Sales for a company interview. When asked about career accomplishments the VP of Sales says, “I took sales from a low number to a high number.” There is an entire team behind the scenes. You may have landed a contract but without a support staff delivering and executing their jobs, this achievement would not be worth mentioning.

Do not forget the team that supported your successful accomplishments.

When a candidate takes the time to be humble, positively mention their team and the support of people behind their growth and success, they stand out significantly. This is a key interview quality that speaks to a person’s EQ, personality, style, people skills and many other things. If you bring up your team and tie in how important working with others is, you will give yourself a much better shot at landing the job.

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