Creating an Emotional Connection in an Interview

Move From Being Interviewed to Being Hired by Creating an Emotional Connection

How often have you considered establishing an emotional connection with the people you are meeting right from the start of the interview process?

Your resume and application have listed out the skills and experience of who you are. Your copy and presentation of skills have done their role, you have an interview. How do you stand above the competitive candidates that are also going for this role?

The reality is, they’re going to choose you for the role most likely based on whether or not they like you. I mean what if there’s five guys or girls in the interview and you all have the same qualifications? Well, who’s going to get picked? Well, I can tell you, the one that they, quote, like. And you can increase your chances of being liked if you establish some sort of emotional connection.

What I mean by emotional connection is maybe they like to go camping. Maybe they love football. Maybe they love golf. Maybe they’re from Idaho and you’re from Idaho. Whatever, right? Maybe they love to go fishing. I don’t know what that could be. But there’s always something there. And the cool thing is today with today’s social media, you can look up the person you’re going to be interviewing with ahead of time. You can look up their LinkedIn. You might even be able to find them on Facebook. They might have an Instagram, whatever. You find something in there about them that you can connect with.

Now you have that in your arsenal when you go to meet with them, and you know already that they love to fly fish. You also happen to be, you know, good at fly fishing, boom; make sure you bring that up. All of a sudden, you are liked that much more. And you guys have an emotional connection in the interview.

So look for that. Be ready for it. Try to find those angles where you can.

Look up the person that you’re going to be interviewing with. Find out something about them and get that in there. If you got the emotional connection, and it’s a close race between you and two or three other candidates and they didn’t establish that connection, you’re going to get the job.

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