Career Advice: Pay Raise and Promotions

Raises and promotions are important topics in your career. When it comes to raises and promotions, the bigger raises and promotions throughout a career come from what you ask for, push for, and are aggressive about.

Have you ever been in a situation where a different employee got a promotion you wanted, and you could not figure out why? Or, maybe you know someone who this has happened to. Did you mention that you wanted to move up or show the ambition to do more and take on more responsibility? This other employee was aggressive about what she wanted and showed it for a long period of time.

CEOs and supervisors are busy, and there’s not a lot of time in the day to go through and think about every individual need, especially in a larger company. So, be bold, raise your hand, and say, “I want more. I want to move up; I want to take on additional responsibly. I want that promotion; I want that raise.”

The aggressive people that raise their hands and stand up are the ones to get that raise or promotion. This is your encouragement to go get the promotions you want. If there’s a position you want, if there’s a salary number you’re after, go for it and be aggressive. Make sure your boss knows what your ambitions are and what you’re after long-term for your career.

If you want that promotion or raise, raise your hand, be aggressive, and speak out.

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