A Note from Riderflex CEO: Member Highlight!

This recruiter places million-dollar candidates!


As the CEO of Recruiting Firm Riderflex, our job day in and day out is to find new candidates for companies that hire us. Our entire existence as a company is based on finding new people.

However internally, for our own team and base of recruiters, we try very hard to focus on tenure, employee retention, and team member appreciation. We try to provide a culture that people want to be a part of long-term.

On that note, I wanted to highlight Colleen Mayer today. She’s one of our Senior Executive Recruiters here at Riderflex and has been with us longer than any other recruiter. Over 5 years!

She joined us when we were just starting out. She took a gamble to help build a startup agency and has been instrumental in scaling the company. We would not be who we are today without her.

She places high-level million-dollar candidates with PhDs and can recruit for any position on the planet.

She’s one of those team members CEOs dream about. She just produces over and over. I never have to worry about what she’s working on. There’s never any noise or drama that often comes with employees. And when needed, she provides valuable insight on things we need to change or implement because of our growth.

She fits our remote, non-micromanagement culture. We can give her an assignment and she’ll just take care of it. Our team works their own schedule and from wherever they want. And she fits that culture very well.

She placed another big-time million-dollar executive recently, so I wanted to take a minute to highlight her this week.

Often, we all, most people listening to this episode, think about finding new people, and we don’t spend enough time appreciating the current superstars on the team.

Thank you, Colleen, we appreciate you! We are blessed to have you.