Good Candidates Won’t Wait

Hiring managers, this article is for you! It is so common for hiring managers to drag their feet on the hiring process and not pull the trigger as soon as they get a great candidate in front of them. Dont drag your feet on great candidates. If you get a great candidate in front of you, pull the trigger and hire them fast!

Why should you hire great candidates quickly?

Great candidates are not going to wait around forever for you to make an offer to them. Chances are, if you think they are great, there are also other employers who are going to want them too. A great candidate will not be available for a long time. Don’t let another employer beat you to the punch line and hire the candidate first.

There are times when you may not feel the need to rush and hire a good candidate, but you do. Great candidates are not going to wait, stop dragging your feet.

An example we have seen time and time again at Riderflex is when we present a great candidate to a client, even though they loved the candidate, they put that person through a long and never-ending interview process that can takes weeks. During that time, the candidate gets tired and frustrated of the hiring process. They may even feel that their time isn’t valued by the employer. Which leads them to accept an offer from a different company that worked more efficiently and didn’t put them through a terrible hiring process.

Employers seem to have a false sense of reality that a candidate it just going to sit around and wait for them to make an offer, that is not how it works.

It is very possible that the candidate is job searching and has other opportunities lined up at the same time. If you get a great candidate in front of you, pull the trigger and hire them quickly.

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